Memorabilia - tompawlesh-aviation

During the mid 1970's, when I was learning to fly, airport security was almost nonexistent.  It was usually not a problem to get on the airport and walk the hangar line to see what kind of interesting airplanes were inside.  There were also still some old wooden hangars on some airports.  Things have changed, the old wooden hangars now considered a fire hazard, have been for the most part torn down.  As for security, well I will not even go there.

I loved the big old wooden hangars.  There was a distinct smell of old lumber mixed with grease and oil.  It is a smell that can take me back in time, like a musty smell can remind me of my grandmothers attic.  The maintenance shops of those wooden hangars were located in the back of the hangar and were usually filled with years of collected parts, photographs and memorabilia.  

Through these photographs, I have tried to recreate the look of a work bench in the maintenance shops as I remember them.  Assembling the memorabilia and trying to give the image a nostalgic look took some time and work.  I gave each image a central airline or manufacturer theme and then built my photograph around this theme.  For memorabilia that I had that did not fit the work bench theme, I created "The Captains Desk" images.